I really wanna rant about something, but I know bitches gon be trippin all over mah dick. WHATEVER. If you go to a fancy shmancy fashion school, GREAT. AWESOME. Whoopty doo for you. Do not. I repeat. DO NOT. Try putting me down, or act like it makes you better than me because I’m in the fashion program at a community college. Okay? We’ll see who’s laughing when you’re up to your eyeballs in debt from school, while I’m off working in the industry already. My professor last semester doesn’t even tell people she went to FIDM because she said people wouldn’t take her seriously. I’m getting a solid education from MORE THAN qualified professors. So don’t go act all high and mighty because daddy could afford to send you to Parsons or FIT or FIDM. You go ahead and you do your thing and I’ll do mine.

AND ANOTHER THING. Just because you STUDY fashion, don’t try and act all posh and shit. Go ahead and wear your cross earrings and round sunglasses with your black lipstick, when before you started classes yo ass dress like a mickey mouse club member. I’ll stick to my grandpa sweaters and shorts and design you under the fucking table. Thank you and god bless.

xoxo QueenBitchOfTheHimalayas 

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  3. invisibleboydisappearing said: "Art schools" like FIDM in general are just complete and utter JOKES tho. So it really doesn’t matter. If you don’t get in based on merit, there’s no point. You’re a loser who couldn’t get into a real university. I AM JS.
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